DED Sponsorship

If you are someone who wants business setup in Dubai under the Dubai Development and Economic Department (DED), you are required a local agent sponsorship UAE. A local agent sponsorship UAE will be given by an Emirati national, with a family membership card (Gincia), responsible to regulate all the legal activities. The DED sponsorship is also called mainland license, LLC, or Onshore license. When once you find the local agent sponsorship UAE for your business, you have to give the sponsor a 51% stake in your business. There are many remarkable local sponsors, looking for entrepreneurs to set up a business in UAE/Dubai. We, at Eagle Wings can provide you with the right, reliable and high profile DED Sponsor to set up your business. .

Local Service Agent

Some people confuse local service agent in Dubai with local agent sponsorship UAE. Both works differently. A local service agent in Dubai acts as a representative to enable a foreign business man to business setup in Dubai. Local service agent in Dubai doesn’t own any monetary share or assets in business and instead they charge a fee per annum for their service.

Normal Market Practices

Usually, sponsors do not restrict any of the company’s activities happening. Despite operational duties are being carried by managing directors, local sponsors hold authority to sign on immigration and labor related affairs of the company. There are no limitations for sponsors to sponsor a company, they are usually sponsoring multiple companies at the same time.

How Can We Help You?

We have emerged as one of the leading business consulting firms and we are here to give you the most hassle-free journey of expanding your business to UAE as our excellent team of professionals are proficient at what they are doing. Company formation in UAE, finding a local service agent in Dubai can be of no hassle when taken services from Eagle Wings UAE. The process of setting up a business in UAE can be complicated as it consists of multiple different steps. Eagle Wings can take care of the entire business setup process for you.
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